Monday, February 28, 2011

Some lovely knobs

via European Chic

Love these. I'm inspired to do something about the boring and broken hooks in my house.

In the mean time, before I finally start a real diy project, here are some designs that I like:

And now, back to the not so pretty part, the overdue "spring" cleaning.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 25 Feb 11

I managed to visit another of my to visit list today- Joe & Dough.

First time in this cafe, I decided to order a coffee I've never drunk before and that is Piccolo latte. It is only recently that I started to notice Piccolo Latte appearing on many cafe's menu.

Unlike the traditional latte, this comes in a smaller cup and is stronger, with a lower proportion of milk. Like it!

My friend ordered cappuccino. Though the coffee art is not very obvious, we were just as delighted to see a cute bunny face on the coffee.

This is my lunch. Grilled vegetables with cheese. Tasty crusty bread, with slightly peppery fillings.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 22 Feb 11

JCO cappuccino with plain donut

The donut comes free with a drink. The drink is alright but tasted more like latte.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 18 Feb 11

On 18th Feb, I seriously have a chocolate overdoze cause after the coffee with chocolate pastry at Swiss Bakery in the afternoon, I went for a chocolate buffet.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

A chocolate feast at The Chocolate Bar

This is my first time at MBS. After walking to and fro several times trying to find the way to access the Chocolate Bar, I must say that I should be rather familiar with the few towers. We were getting rather grouchy when pointed to different directions by the different staff and rejected access by a security guard.

This is where we have to go in order to get to the Chocolate Bar.

Stepping out of the lift at 57th floor, the wide expanse of Singapore's night scene instantly changed our mood.

Once in the Chocolate Bar, we ordered our tea and coffee, then explored the display of desserts.

Being not much of a dessert person, I carefully took my pick. Combining sour stuff with sweet chocolate seems to help ease the richness.

Perhaps I'm really not a chocolate fan, what I loved most are actually the thin crackers with passion fruit jam.

This is the max I could go. Perhaps I could go further if these were served in the afternoon than at night. But I guess I would have to exercise much more to get rid of the excess calories.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 14 Feb 11

Usually I take coffee or tea hot, but the weather today is really hot.

The best time for a cool iced latte.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 11 Feb 11

Hans tea used to be my favourite, but over the years, it seemed to taste more diluted. Today, I requested for it to be "thick" (meaning stronger) and it really taste more like the teh c I'm used to.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 8 Feb 2011 Part 2

For my second doze of caffeine in the afternoon, I came to Hairloom & Caramel Cafe.

I ordered a flat white and a creme brulee to go with. The flat white didn't look good, the foam doesn't look right. (Sorry, but it looked a bit like milo to me.) The taste is average too. It was a lovely cup though.

On the other hand, I really enjoyed the creme brulee, it must be one of the best I've ever tasted. Or I must be really more hungry for dessert than coffee that afternoon.
Despite the coffee being a bit disappointing, the eclectic deco and lovely atmosphere make every imperfection forgiveable.

Especially like this corner with vintage grandma style deco.

Will be there again to try out something else...

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 8 Feb 2011

teh c siu dai

Teh c, local tea with evaporated milk is my favourite after lunch beverage on a hot day, cheap and good.

Today, the price of local coffee/ tea at the coffee shop down my block of flat increased by 10cents. It typically cost around $0.90 to $1.60, depending on which coffee shop one goes. I recall the days when a cup cost only $0.50. But every one or two years, the price will creep up by $0.10. Whenever price goes up, I grumble and attempt to fix a cup of teh c myself. However, my cup of tea just does not taste right, so after a few days, I'm back in the coffee shop.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 7 Feb 11

Tried a new cafe, "Espressoul" today. The coffee was a bit too acidic to my liking and the muffin overly dry.

Friday, February 4, 2011

From buds to blooms

Though I do not have green fingers, every Chinese New Year, I'll give myself the excuse to get a pot of flowers. Bought a lovely pot of small flowers this year.

Watching them from buds to bloom is a great joy.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 31 Jan 11

Typically, I favour coffee over tea, especially on a rainy day. But today, it is a gals gathering and we are in the mood for English tea.

TWG Ion has opened for some time but we didn't find the chance to visit till the last day of Jan 2011.Although the highlight of the day is tea, we were famished by the time we meet. For lunch, I ordered vegetable lasagne while my friends had vegetable quiche and scrambled egg. The lasagne was not overly cheesy, taste great but portion a bit too small for my good appetite.

Ate a few mouthful of my friend's quiche, unlike most quiche which is heavy on eggs, this taste lighter but just as tasty.

For tea, we started with Passion flower tea (as above, together with the lasagna photo). It has a light fruity taste combined perfectly with tea. I don't like those with just the taste of fruit or overly sour, but this is just nice, pleasing and very apt for one of my friends, who like her tea/coffee light.

I took a long time to decide on my tea, asking the waiters a number of times to smell various tea. Below are some that I have smelt:
  • Margaret's Hope (Autumn Flush): Can't explain why, but I think I dislike all Darjeelings.
  • Chocolate Tea: Dark chocolate with black tea, the smell is exactly that. Not exactly sure if I can accept the combination though it does smell nice.
Also smelt a Jasmine tea and other teas, but they either smelt too much like Chinese tea or green tea, which are both not my cup of tea.

Finally, I settle for Paris Breakfast tea, a rich blend, strong and slightly bitter with some flavours (probably spices) which I can't exactly say what they are. But I think I've picked the right tea and I like it very much.

Paris Breakfast tea

The last tea we had was Midsummer Night tea, less bitter than Paris Breakfast, it tastes warm and slightly sweet, with hints of chocolate and lingering taste of mint. I like it for its warmth which is nice for a rainy day, but combining chocolate with tea needs some time to get used to. My friend who selected this tea actually did not like it.

And finally, a blackcurrant macaroon to end off the delightful tea session at TWG.
I think I should have tea more often, at least tea as good as what we had this afternoon.