Sunday, March 20, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 13 Mar 11 Second dose

I bought two discount coupons and enjoyed their tea set for half price at Heart Bistro. This used to be occupied by Marmalade Pantry, the layout looks pretty much similar and it remained a quiet place with a peaceful ambience.

Although the tea cup looks very pretty, coffee is still my preference. As usual, I find illy coffee rather strong.

The tea set is a bit too much for a person: carrot cake, chocolate cake, mushroom quiche with salad, tuna sandwich and chicken sandwich. The mushroom quiche is good.

My friend had the same thing as me (except for tea rather than coffee) while her husband had the brunch set, which is a salad, main course, sticky date cake with a scoop of ice-cream and coffee. This seems more like a full course dinner set. Looks like he enjoyed the food, except that the sticky date cake is too sweet for all of us.

After the tea, I was so full that I wasn't hungry for dinner even at 9pm.

Coffee or Tea. 13 Mar 11

Coffee or Tea. 11 Mar 11

I shared a cup of latte with my mum after lunch in a temple cafe. This is the first time she had latte but she didn't find it great. To be fair, this is not her usual type of coffee, neither is it my preferred type of coffee. I often find most places' latte too diluted.

Coffee or Tea. 10 Mar 11

This is sinful. Not that I didn't have my lunch.

Friday, March 18, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 9 Mar 11

Finally got to visit The Plain, one of the cafes on my to visit list. Nice interiors, lotsa space and interesting design and deco magazines. Not to forget, the flat white looked and tasted great.

Dessert that day was passionfruit lemon tart, scrap some passion fruit and add to the tart.

Oh, and I totally agree with the philosophy on this board.

Only shortcoming of this place is the ecohy wall.

Coffee or Tea. 8 Mar 2011

Sometimes, having coffee at a quiet corner of Orchard can be quite nice.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 6 Mar 11 Second dose

After the fantastic movie, I felt like eating and drinking something. My feet brought me to Raffles City and here I am, at Tokyo Deli, a new cafe that I have been thinking of trying.

The tea is light and fragrant, but the sandwich average. Don't mind going again to try the dessert though...

Coffee or Tea. 6 Mar 11

at Novus cafe

After the cappunccino, I watched "the Terrorizer". Great movie!

Coffee or Tea. 1 Mar & 3 Mar

1st Mar

3rd Mar
A spicy cup of tea from Marche: cinnamon, ginger and some other spices