Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Coffee or Tea. to visit Cafe list

coffee at Highlander

Cafes I have been thinking of visiting:
Hope my next posting is on one of these cafes.


  1. Hi, what a love blog on design and coffee-sipping you have here! I will check back whenever I need my cuppa caffeine boost.

    Have been wanting to go to Papa Palherta too :) You may consider visiting Espressoul where you can get a piece of pastry at 50% off after 2pm on weekdays.

  2. Thanks Amasou Umasou. The other time I visited Espressoul (subsequent to this post), they only had muffins. Will drop by again on a weekday after 2pm.

    Oh, I got to try Joe & Dough yesterday :) Nice coffee & sandwich.