Friday, April 22, 2011


Gasps! Its been more than 1 month since I last posted. I never stopped having my daily caffeine fixes but renovation works at my mum's place, travel and now moving house just take up almost all of my time.

the neat corner

Its been 3 years since I stayed in this rental place and I've yet to find a place of my own. To save some rental, I'm saying goodbye to my landlady and moving back home.

The shelves are actually filled with books but it is only while I'm in the midst of packing that I remember to snap some photos. A messy corner, but I call this the creative mess. And now, back to packing...


  1. Creative mess... how i like this description! i'm sure you'll miss this creative mess somehow.

  2. Haha, whereever I goes, messiness follows. But fortunately, the mess is physical rather than mental. Or at least I hope. :p