Monday, January 3, 2011

A selection of some sofas

The first time I set my eyes on a Chesterfield sofa photo, I thought I have found my dream sofa. Just like laying on a mattress is a must to choose one, I sat on the first Chesterfield sofa I found in a furniture shop. Unfortunately, the seat is too deep for me, or rather, my legs are too short to sit comfortably on the sofa.

Hence the search for a perfect sofa continues.

Some designs I like:
I guess you could see from the above collection that I like buttoned back and cushioned base. My top favourite should be the Poeten chair, simple and modern looking, seriously, it doesn't look like a 1941 design.

Read more about the Poeten sofa here.

In the mean time, I am searching in the local furniture shop to have a try of the Poeten seat.