Tuesday, July 19, 2011

An end to commence a new beginning

this afternoon's teabreak

Today marks the coming to an end of carefree, aimless days. For more than half a year, I wasn't working. Tomorrow will be a very different day, back to a more routine life. In a way, I'm glad, after long period of inactivity.

At the beginning of the year, I wrote a 'new year resolutions' post. I guess now is a good time to take stock of the last half year. No I did not exercise more often, in fact I went to gym less as compared to when I was working. But I ate more! I guess I did spend more time with my family, fussing over my mum as a different form of occupation and we got the house done up, which was quite an achievement. As for the new job, yes, tomorrow is the day.

Coffee or Tea

When it comes to eating and drinking (coffee/tea), I guess this must be my greatest strength. Judging from my posts on Coffee or Tea, I think it has really been a caffeine overdose. But I still have not made it to 40 hands, which happens to be the cafe nearest to my home.

I managed to try out a few vegetarian eateries too.

Vegan Burg

Angel's Bistro

Read, write and shoot

I did not read as much as I hope, but given a person as slow at reading as me, it is already quite a feat to have read The Great Railway Bazaar, The Year of the Hare and a few issues of INK. Oh, on the spiritual side, I managed to attend a few Buddhist classes too.

Finally, I made it to Nepal, a place which evaded me twice, first around 5-6? years ago when a coup happened a few days before my planned departure, then last year, due to family matters. It was not exactly a relaxing holiday but a very different travel experience. Managed to write a few articles on that and still waiting for some to be published.

The above does sound to be too little for half a year without work. So that will mean I have to work harder in the next half year...


  1. Work hard to drink more coffee. ha!

  2. oh ya, running out of money to drink coffee. and my next target is cafes in Taipei.