Sunday, July 17, 2011

A walk down the tracks

Yesterday, I finally made my way to Bukit Timah for a walk down the railway tracks.

After a rainy Friday, Saturday's weather turns out great, cool but with a bit of blue sky in the evening.

Even from afar, I could see the massive turnout. It looks like a big Singapore walk, where the young and old did not want to miss out on this special 'event'. Its probably once in a life time that we get to walk carefreely at railway tracks.

A short walk brings us to Bukit Timah Station, which has been fenced up.

I wonder what the white and blue sign means.

Lots of greeneries as we walk further up.

It is much nicer, a lot more peaceful, as the crowd grew thinner.

Perhaps we walked at a far too leisurely pace, or perhaps it is really the stoney path slowing us down, by the time we finished the walk, it was 8+. Adding a little adventure to end the walk, we climbed over a fence (it was really too dark to walk further down by then) to exit out to Bouna Vista.


  1. Very nice!FRom Elsa

  2. The photos looked nice in this size leh. Had not done anything to mine yet.

    I really hope the track and the greeneries will be preserved.

  3. Actually the shots turn out fine this time, minimal editing. Juz put the related ones together. Its actually quite a nice and peaceful place. Instead of jogging or bicycle tracks, mayb can also have railway tracks as alternate exercise sites.

  4. Nice photos. like that sunset shot the most :)

    Went down to do some shooting on the 2nd last day, it was so over crowded that it felt like walking along orchard road :(

  5. Thanks Amasou Umasou.

    Oh we must have went down on the same day on 16th Jul? Haha, I could be one of those blocking your camera. quite difficult to shoot in that crowd.