Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Coffee or Tea: 8 Oct 11

A beautiful afternoon at Rose Verandah, Shangrila

It is always quite an excitment for me when I see an extensive tea menu and the process of picking the right tea to suit my mood and taste. Smoky earl grey caught my eyes and I wondered how it would turn out, a cross between Gryphon's "lapsang souchong" and earl grey? Unfortunately, the taste was "neither here nor there", couldn't quite taste the earl grey and its smokiness was average. Perhaps if I've not tasted lapsang souchong before, my expectation would've been different.

We started off with savoury food.

A waitress came by and offered earl grey sorbet. Very light floral taste and it was only towards the last few spoonful that I tasted tea.

From top clockwise, very sour (but I like it) Passionfruit mousse, a bit too sweet Creme brulee and rich durian cake

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