Saturday, January 7, 2012

"De-railed"- Looking back on 31st December

For many years, 31st December means participating in "Eye the City" (Eye) to me. 2011 is the 10th year of Eye and looking back, I never expected myself to have participated almost every year since 2003, the second year Eye was launched in Singapore.

We all know that Singapore is a fast-paced society, but as I looked at some of my photos, comparing what I shot a few years ago with the recent shots on 31st Dec 2011, I was rather taken aback at how much the landscape has changed.

I certainly would not have expected the rails to disappear from Tanjong Pagar area when I took these shots 5 years ago. Yes, we all know that the railway station moved out from Tanjong Pagar in mid 2011, but isn't this a bit too fast? It was as if the tracks were never here. Even now, I thought I could still hear the trains rumbling by.

Photo on left not taken on 31st Dec but I've decided to include this just for comparison.

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