Saturday, January 28, 2012

Last coffee of 2011

While walking around and shooting on 31st Dec, I came across a cafe called Drips at Tiong Bahru. Not what you will expect at the old houses of Tiong Bahru.

The place looked inviting, and I do feel a need to end my year with a cup of coffee.

Greeted by a nice display of pastries.

The front part of the cafe has a retro deco while the seating area behind, near the kitchen, is of a modern minimalist style. Which is more your cup of tea? So apt to find such a combination at this neighbourhood.

I ordered a flat white. I would have preferred it to be stronger.

I didn't want any pastry at first, but when the lovely smell of crossiant kept drifting out from the kitchen, I just couldn't resist and ordered a cinnamon egg tart. (The crossiant with fillings would've been too heavy after a full lunch.) The tart was just of the right sweetness for me, but I think it is best shared with a friend as it is much bigger than your usual tart.

This is where the Drips cafe is. A walk down Tiong Bahru revealed that this old neighbourhood has really changed quite a lot over the recent years.

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