Thursday, July 12, 2012

Light wood

Generally, I prefer dark, rich colored wood furnishings over lighter coloured wood. But this lighter colour tone has been catching my attention recently.

 the Maruni chair. Such simple lines!

Seems like the Japanese minimalist style is also spreading to Europe. Or are these more of Scandinavian style?

 I like the TV console set but will probably stick to white for the background wall.
Bed and TV console from Smootree, a distributor of European furnishings, which by the way, also carries amazing cool space saving designs.

Another beige coloured bed, image from Foundry.

The theme could even be extended to the bathroom.

Something I posted much earlier here, the Axor Bouroullec bathroom.

I think this colour tone looks great with a lot space. Not sure if it would turn out as good in a smaller space. But it seems like the simpler it looks, the higher the price tag.

Here's something more affordable, from Ikea. In fact, I bought a similar table a few years ago and decided not to stain it to retain the very natural look. 

image from Ikea

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