Wednesday, August 1, 2012

House update- 1 August 2012

After an amazingly long search, which lasted for 3 years, I settled for an old 3 room flat, which was rather different from what I initially was looking for. Its very old, almost 40 years old, on low floor but a corner unit and is a bit more spacious than units of that age. Hope I don't regret.

Some shots of before renovation.

 from living room

I actually liked the terrazo retro flooring, except that its in rather bad condition.

one of the bedrooms

the ultimate color combination

The kitchen walls are half covered with these blue tiles. Although I like retro stuff, this is really too much.

Now that the search is over, its a series of headache, thinking of layout, selecting contractor, what renovation to be done within limited budget... The thought that things will be simpler if I get a new unit kept crossing my mind.

The renovation officially started 2 days ago, and this is how it looks like on day 3 morning.

War zone


  1. Congrats on getting your new home. May I ask which area it is in?

    I recently got a good number for BTO after some countless attempts, then it will be another 4 long years before it is ready.

  2. Congrats for getting your BTO too. 4 years sound rather long. I thought HDB is building faster nowadays? My new place will still be around the same area where I'm staying. :) Which area will your new place be? Hopefully there are nice cafes near by. :)

  3. Oh that's Punggol new town, really far from where I'm staying currently. not sure about 4 years later, but for now not there is a single good cafe on my radar over there :(

  4. Oh, many people got that area. Perhaps u can have a nice coffee machine for ur new house...