Thursday, September 13, 2012

the Kitchen

source unknown 

So inspired by these that I'm thinking of using black laminates for my kitchen cabinet.

And the layout is so similar to my place. Except that this doesn't have a stupid beam across the kitchen.

Am keeping the original stove cum sink black tiled tops. That sort of restricted my choice for materials. Here's my thought of what would likely look like a good choice.

Laminates from EDL

Are these too strong? I showed this to my contractor and he said, better clear with your mum. Surprisingly, my mum didn't raise any objection. I think she's sick of seeing me staring at the laminate catalogue every night.

Here's one of my kitchen sketches.  

Before I saw the black kitchen, I was thinking of using glossy off white laminates for the doors and frame, while the top will be still be black.


This is probably a safter choice?

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