Sunday, October 12, 2014

Update after 2 years!

My last post was more than 2 years ago! After the episode of prolonged renovation, it was settling into the house, adapting to staying on my own, etc. There's always stuff to be busy with, a lot of ideas on my mind and things I want to do. Coffee remains my "interest" (still shooting coffee n cafes), but my latest interest is trying out vegan food eateries and doing vegan baking.

Late last year, I made the decision to stop dairy products and eggs. Though I have been a vegetarian for a number of years, and I've read about cruelty of eggs and milk production, for some reason, it took me really a very long time to make this decision, despite the feeling of guilt whenever I consume them. With an increasing intolerance towards dairy and eggs, after many incidents of stomach upset, I finally told myself, its time to stop.

It wasn't much of a problem when it comes to lunch and dinner, since I take mainly Chinese food and dairy is more of a western ingredient. But when it comes to vegan bread and pastry, its more challenging. For some strange reason, most bread out there contains dairy or eggs. I guess its expected that pastry contains eggs and dairy, but why bread? Eggs n dairy are not critical to make a nice loaf. Though some factory mass produced bread are vegan, I usually avoid them due to their unpleasant taste, which I suspect come from huge amount of preservatives. That leaves me with bakery shops, which over time, I know where and what to buy. They may not be cheap, but the options are slowly increasing, and one day, I will try making my own bread, one day...

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