Saturday, May 21, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 15 May 11

It was a hot afternoon and I was dozing off in front of the computer. Rather than dragging through an eventless afternoon, I decided to meet a friend for coffee. We headed for Papa Palheta, a name that I've heard many online raves but have yet to try. By the way, this is also on my to visit list.

This is not a typical cafe. Firstly, you got to enter by the back door.
view from back door entrance

Secondly, you do not pay for your coffee, you give tips instead. Techically, this is not a cafe, but a coffee beans retailer, so that probably explains why they work by tipping. (Does that mean the service staff gets all the tips rather than the boss? But perhaps the staff are the bosses.) I didn't quite know how it works till I reach there, just simply tip as you please for the coffee you have tasted.

latte vs cappuccino

Perhaps it was a crowded afternoon, it took a bit of time for the coffee to come. I ordered latte while my friend cappuccino. The coffee tasted fine, not spectacular, but satisfactory to the extent that I do crave for a second cup.

a hot but leisurely afternoon

The seats aren't really comfortable (but they do not claim to be a cafe). The vintage and retro pieces do however give the place a nice feel, certainly something unique and unpretentious.

a surprising find, an old Mac

It was only after we left that my friend said he wasn't exactly satisfied with the coffee and the service. I felt something amiss but couldn't quite place it till much later, when I was wondering what was the coffee bean used. Given that they are retailing beans, it would have been nice if the staff give us some information on the coffee bean. Perhaps it was really a very busy afternoon for them...


  1. I have been wanting to go to Papa Palheta for the longest time, even so after I visited The Steeping Room. Do they serve food there?

  2. No I don't believe they serve food. But they do have a cafe Loysel's Toy Cafe. Have you visited there?

  3. I haven't been to Loysel's Toy though I have heard so much about it. Kampong Bugis is quite out of the way for me. But will try to visit them some day