Saturday, June 18, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 17 Jun 11

Arteastiq is another tea place that I've long been thinking of visiting.

Overseeing the busy streets of Orchard, we sat on the colorful chairs, picking from an array of tea, which ranges from floral/ fruit/ Chinese/ Japanese tea to alcoholic tea, dessert tea, etc.

I picked the pear tea while my friend chose pomelo tea.

A slice of pear in the petite tea cup

The taste of pear dominates the tea, which is quite mild but nevertheless, it is a delightful drink. I could hardly taste the flavour of tea from my friend's pomelo tea, but the strong fragrance of pomelo, tasting slightly sweet and sour, makes this a refreshing drink.

Each tea is accompanied with a sweet biscuit. This tastes as sweet as it looks (which means it is too sweet for me).

Colorful designer chairs, china blue pillars, and an interior flushed with sunlight from the tall windows gave this place a relaxed atmosphere.

A combination of contemporary and classic


  1. The interior looked pretty interesting and the teapot unique. Do you know what brand of tea they served?

  2. Actually I don't know the brand they use. It doesn't look obvious, need to ask them. For fruit tea, the tea flavour is really light, got to pick other tea to really taste how good the quality of the tea is.

  3. Hi, so here is the question. I suspect that it MAY BE Gryphon.

    Anyway talking about high tea, my friend recommended a new place to me called Chris Tea House, somewhere near Paya Lebar. Need to check out soon

  4. thanks Amasou Umasou for the answer. Gryphon tea is my friend, Amos's favourite. Looks like more cafes are starting to use this brand.

    Chris Tea House looks interesting online. Will certainly check it on when free. In the mean time, will wait for your post :)

  5. Yes, that's my fave! Right now i'm drinking Gryphon tea which has gold dust in it. I don't think you can find it in retail shops yet. :p

  6. I was so eager to drink the tea that it did not occur to me to take a photo. the base of my cup has a metallic coating once the gold dust settled. amazing!

  7. heehee, don't waste the gold.