Thursday, June 30, 2011

For the last time...

On 29th Jun 11, I took the train from Tanjong Pagar for the last time. The first time I took the train was probably when I was 8 years old. And it was always to Kluang, because that is near my mum's home town. However, similar to all, we switched to express bus once they became more common.

Back then, it was hardly a pleasant experience, the trains were often late, dirty, worn off, with cushions bursting out from the seats and rain splashing in broken windows. My recent trip in March was a much better experience.

When I reached the train station yesterday at 6+, I almost wanted to turn back home. A long queue had built up and the ticket office did not open till almost 7am (though it was supposed to open at 6.30am).

But my mum persisted, saying that we may as well queue since we are here.

the queue for 8am departure

Our train was supposed to depart at 7.15am, but while queuing for tickets, I hear from some that the train had been rescheduled to 8.15am. Sounds familiar.

Will they keep these wall paintings?

8.15am came and the grilled door did not open. After walking through the 'customs', it was 8.40am.
It was a long wait. At around 9.15am, we finally board the train, but it was followed with more waiting in the hot and stuffy train as the train only moved at 9.45am. The journey wasn't smooth, it seemed that there were some technical faults and it was 1 hour later that we reach JB. We quickly scrambled off the train although we had paid for the fare to Kluang.

It was an unforgetable journey, and I believe I had relived my childhood.


  1. From what you described, i think the mad rush to take train rides (by locals) might be the reason for the delay. it surely must be an experience!

  2. Ya, they couldn't cope with the sudden surge of volume. And I think the trains are overworked too.
    I think now that the tracks are not used, it would be interesting to do walks along the trek. Read on ST that will be open to public till 17 Jul.

  3. i walked a little near my house yesterday. there were groups of people on off. the feeling of walking the tracks knowing no trains will pass by seemed so surreal.

  4. have fun and shoot lots of photos. :)