Sunday, June 26, 2011

Coffee or Tea. 25 Jun 11

I've passed by Restore on a number of occassions but did not step in for food and drinks until yesterday.

Post-modern chairs hanging on walls are a striking sight of this cafe cum furniture shop. Old furniture like chairs, cabinets, dressing tables, etc. are given new life through restoration work.

Love the retro fabrics that looks so cheerful

When I stepped into the cafe, the Japanese lady owner was giving instructions to a guy, seemingly to re-upholster some pieces. More lovely pieces should be on their way.

patrons gazing at the chairs while having coffee

My friend had previously told me that tea is good, but it was a rainy day and I'm in the mood for cappunccino. Unfortunately, the cappunccino is not that nice.

But the berries waffles are great, soft, fluffy and buttery; when eaten with maple syrup and slightly sour berries with fresh cream, the taste is just perfect. Understand that these are made by the Japanese lady boss.

I'll certainly come back for bagel and tea next time.

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  1. The waffle is really superb, the best i ever had! had not tried the bagel. i'm surprised the cappuccino is not nice though.

  2. I notice one pattern, if the cappuccino don't look nice on top, it certainly won't taste nice. the foaming of the milk isn't done properly.